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About Startupbey, LLC .

The Bey Method is a 3-Part Framework.Learn how to succeed in online business, Create a strong brand positioning yourself as an expert in the field, identify and attract ideal customers, build an online presence, and lastly, know how to market to scale business to 6-Figures and beyond...

Module 1

create a strong brand and position yourself as an expert online.

MOdule 2

Learn How to Create digital product and target ideal customers                       



Module 3

Turn instagram into marketing strategy & grow online presence

Are you being overlooked and staying at the same amount of followers week after week? No one engaging in content or liking posts? Sounds familiar? I’ve been there too.

Learn everything you need to know to scale digital product business past goals.

without the guesswork


  • Those looking to start a business selling digital products
  • Small business owners who would like to scale with instagram 
  •  Single Mothers and stay at home moms who would like to have more time with children.
  • Product base business owners who would like to create digital products for passive income. 
  • Those new to a city or state and looking for a quick way to make money online.
  • If you’re looking to make money online with out having to leave your home. 
  • Those travel queens who want the flexibility to travel whenever you’d like.
  • Not At All , even if your following is small right now , the instagram blueprint to success with help grow your account. 
  • The Easy Digital Product Launch will show you how to launch and make sells with small following
  • The Startup Business Guide will show you have to position yourself as professional brand to attract ideal buyers. 
  • No Ideas, no problems . The digital product launch will show you how to narrow down ideas and pick one using talents you already have.

This bundle includes a 3-Part system . Most of the time , e-books give minimal information around basic topics on how to get started , but does not provide a sequence from start to finish. In this bundle , I walk you through how to start business, create , launch and market the product , plus grow your instagram account to generate even more sells.

I know : you’re never going to feel ” ready” . If you spend your life waiting to feel 100% capable , you’re never going to start. 

Have confidence in yourself knowing you will succeed . You will be so glad you made the decision.


I provide 1:1 services for all clients . I’m here to help you succeed and provide you with all the tools to do so.

It's time to start up bey ...